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iTunes Pre-Order for “III” Available!!

You can now Pre-Order “III” on iTunes!  Get 3 songs before the release date and the rest of the album on Oct. 7th!

“III” Song Premiere on American Songwriter &

Get an early listen to some of Jessica’s new songs coming out on “III” on October 7th! “Everlasting Shore” on “Losing Your Mind” on

Jessica’s Kickstarter a SUCCESS!!

Thank you to the 114 people who contributed to Jessica’s Kickstarter Campaign and made it a success!  It would not have been possible without you! The album will be available…

Jessica Launches Kickstarter for “III”

Jessica recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming album “III”.  The funds will go towards completion of the album:  mastering, duplication, design/marketing cost, promotion/publicity.  Pre-order your copy now and…